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Featured Furry Comics 8

This week’s pile of furry comics, seems to come out as being half with gamer humor and half adventure. From Sergals, lizards, dogs to cats, we got your furry fix right here! Serious story or more slice of life humor? Take your pick of the 4 below!

Name of comic: Save State

Artist & Writer: Tim Weeks

Link to the comic

Name of comic: Foxy Flavored Cookie

Artist & Writer: Tomas Del Rio

You can find the comic here!

Name of comic: Vilous

Artist & Writer: Mick Ono and her friend “KiKi”

You can find the comic here!

Name of comic: Twin Dragons

Artist & Writer:  Robin Dassen

You can find the comic here!

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Written by Rye_B

Awoo's Furry Web comic Editor, bringing you everything that is a furry web comic!

Also a web comic owner of "Ask Rye Dimar Dragon"

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