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    Featured Furry Comics 14

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    Enjoying the summer so far? We hope so! We need some summer furry/scaly comics don’t we? We also need some furry indoor comics for those of you who prefer to stay indoors, away from the sun! Have a little bit a both down below! Name of Comic: “Anubis Interview” Writer and Artist: Darhan Link to […] More

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    Featured Furry Comics 8

    This week’s pile of furry comics, seems to come out as being half with gamer humor and half adventure. From Sergals, lizards, dogs to cats, we got your furry fix right here! Serious story or more slice of life humor? Take your pick of the 4 below! Name of comic: Save State Artist & Writer: […] More

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    Artist Spotlight: Seyumei/Draggincat

    Seyumei, also known as Draggincat, is a talented US artist that partakes in multiple disciplines like animation and illustration. Their scenes hone a lively and a cinematic look, reminiscent of stills from theatrical animated films.  They actively post their work in outlets like Furaffinnity, Twitter, Deviantart, and Tumblr. Up for dropping a tip? Feel free […] More

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    Featured Furry Comics 5

    So what furry comics, do I have for you all this week?  Seems like war is a common thing now-a-days. We have a giant CAT fight in one (with guns), another comic about a pack of wolfs who are stuck in a war of their own.  A few dragons that claim to be “Part time” […] More

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    Part Time Dragons Interview

    We talked with Spike, the Creative Director for the comic Part Time Dragons, an all too familiar, ridiculous, and entertaining story about a dragon named Dev living half nine-to-five and half passionate creator.  When we asked Spike what got them to start a comic he wanted to keep it short, “Games take ages to make, […] More

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    Featured Furry Comics 1

    Hello There! You may call me Rye_B! (Short for Rye Bread). I am Awoo New’s Furry web comic editor and this little dragon will bring you Furry web-comics for your enjoyment! As they get updated, they will be featured on this site, so you may go check them out and support them! So what will […] More