A costume for your costume?

Ever wonder what it’s like to mix and match fandoms? Something I enjoy doing is wearing my fursuit and putting clothes or other costumes on top of it.  It’s as if my character was cosplaying, or being someone from that particular universe.

Fursuits cosplaying?

You probably think it could get rather hot to layer clothes on top of your fursuit. Well, it definitely does. That’s why most people will partial and wear clothes or costumes with their fursuits. Below is a suiter wearing a very well done Ghostbusters uniform.  I like this a lot personally because it’s something I plan on doing with my suit.

But what’s the point?

There are many reasons. It builds character, can make your fursuit look cute or cool.  One could get more use out of your fursuit, and show off some of your other interests alongside being a furry of course!

Many people like to build costumes according to con themes, it builds up hype and gets the con spirit going. Some furries who are into LARPing and D&D may also build costumes to suit those characters they have built in those worlds as well.

Some furries may go a more realistic route and wear costumes or uniforms that resemble there real life jobs or careers, such as police, military, etc.

So what costume would you think about doing for your fursuit?

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Written by OnixAngel

Hello I'm Onix! I'm Awoo New's Fursuits Editor.

I've been a furry for over 10 years now and have been making fursuits for over 6. I started creating fursuits when I was 13 years old.

I love discovering new makers and boosting them up as well as getting to know the experiences of older/professional makers that have been around for awhile.

I do travel to cons quite a bit but mostly in Canada since I'm Canadian.

My fursona is a Chinese Dragon but sometimes I can be seen as Diana, my doughnut-themed Dutch Angel Dragon.