Artist Spotlight – seth-iova

They say to start simple and get more complex as you go. Well, if that’s how it’s meant to go, then i think we have an anomaly on our hands.

Welcome to Artist Spotlight, and today we’ll be looking at seth-iova.

According to his Fur Affinity, “Hey I made this and I like it, maybe if I post it online some else will like it too. If not, whatever.” So not too helpful, but nexting through his gallery, his first art, “should I be reading or shucking walnuts with this thing?” (A GREAT title i might add), was posted in 2010, though he registered 4 years before.

Also, i’m not sure of his age, but according to his spot on WikiFur, where some information comes from his Deviant Art, he lives in the US, and was born ON HALLOWEEN?!?

…Well then. It also mentions he’s known as Leosaeta, both on his Inkbunny and Tumblr. Good to know… hey what’s this?

Oh ok, he’s also got a Patreon. And a Twitter… which only mentions his Tumblr for some reason. Alright whatever.

Now for his– Wait WHAT? He’s ALSO got a newgrounds ALSO named Leosaeta AND a YouTube channel called Soft Body Physics? Wow. This guy gets around.

Alright, NOW let’s get to– WHAT. MORE LINKS?!?

12345 other tumblr blogs? AND products from a place called RedBubble? AND something to do with a site called StickerMule?!? AND a discord for patrons?!? ALL WHILE DOING COMMISSIONS?!?!?

Wh-wha? WHAT. Ah! AH! AHujhbifewkiopjergtfopkin jrtesgv jkuin hervty7o8rgw-09trnbik t-184weqgbsndhfnx0gh9u mn3wyhrs0d8fxpb9-[t,uhwy45te-c[= ,bz0ymzgfurszj;iuo[w4q6pr’ ifb.bk AAHHHHHHH(BTZZZZZZ)

We apologize for the momentary loss of sanity from the writer

GAH! (Pant pant)

Ok… well. I honestly did not expect writing this article this guy being the master of links and media. I need something to help me chill.

…phew, much better.

Soooo, anyway, his art. Well, running with the theme of “simple turned complicated”, his art, for me anyway, has a “second texture up close” effect. From a distance, his art looks like a cute simple picture that seems better than it is. However, turn full view on, and you’ll see the detail that went into it. Well placed strokes of shading for good lighting, wrinkles, ridges and slight fur details to make it more alive, smooth lines where smooth lines need to be, and of course, careful attention to little details to complete it.

It may mainly consist of one or two characters in front of no background, but each one is still a winner. It’s cute, good to look at, and portrays an almost unique animated style i haven’t seen before, that well represents the furry community.

Turning on NSFW mode, he also does art and comics that swings both ways, sometimes at the same time, like with “With Friends Like These…” (which was apparently revamped). Though something i DID notice was that he was the one who made my favorite gay Zootopia comic, “Dress To Undress”. Good stuff.

Overall, good man with good art, just try not to get lost in his labyrinth of stuff. 

…I wonder.


drop dead adorable

"just little Oswald getting into the holiday spirit
recorded my process of drawing this for a vlog that should come out on halloween"

With how crazy this article became, how could this NOT be the first pic?

C’est La Fume

"just something I've been using as a warmup and clothing practice"

Skunks. Not enough cute pics of them in my opinion.

Care Bear Trade

"an overdue art trade with Rigbutt I finished"

Oh yeah! This art just LEAPS off the screen! I love it! I want it. I WILL HAVE IT.

Bronze Artist #4 Stuffie

"for stuffieplush
more info on the the bronze artist challenge can be found here"

According to the link, "since it is officially 100 days till my birthday I thought it'd be appropriate to start a Bronze Artist Challenge, which is basically 100 commissions in 100 days" As if this guy wasn't ambitious enough already.

Clothes and Coffee

"Looks like Oilspilt is taking some fashion advice from Oswald

I guess he missed the part where the hoodie should be one or two sizes larger than usual… "

Here we see the wild adult, in his state of confusion due to not having his favorite substance.

R880T 2.0

"commission for tmack
alternate version:"

Come with me if you want to save Easter.


"quick bit of fanart for"

We now evolve into having a color for the background!

Everyone wants a pony ride

"sketch commission I did for shin0r0z"

A commenter said he's sure this is illegal.

At least Celestia doesn't look like she minds.

Peabody Telegram Sticker Pack (clean)

"something I've been working on the last few days to get away from all the negativity that's been going on"

In case you're wondering, yes, there is a "lewd" version, if you want to go looking for that.

a little house in the country…

"someone on Patreon requested some clean fanart of these two :3"

Don't know if you've noticed, but housepets is kind of a hot topic around here. I don't mind. It's cute.

Also, full background! YAY!

Catching Butterflies

"this is the piece I did for Wuffle volume 3 featuring lil' Wuffle and his sister Eclaire!"

Took a quick look, and apparently it's a series by Piti Yindee that went on break, but got funded in an Indiegogo campain... something like that.

Check it and the comics out if you're interested.

Front seat

"commission for jorun1981 from a while back

I decided that if I can't think of a title I'll just use whatever I'm listening too atm, this one almost makes sense"

God Simon looks adorable in this. Pretty sure it's leading to something though. Note he's kneeling, not sitting.

Dress To Undress: Page 7

"Nick probably shouldn't tease people with such "short" tempers"

This is a page from that comic i was talking about, (that ISN'T lewd or has swears). It's actually pretty sombre at some points. Check it out... if you're the right age.

With Friends Like These… Page 2 Revamp

"updated the shading so it look softer and more detailed, the old version is in scraps"

The other comic i mentioned. Going though this, i notice it has the charecters from that "Wuffle" mentioned before. Interesting.

The Summer of Brian and Jasper

"just a cute one page comic I've wanted to do for a while now, I'm very proud of how the background came out"

Something more original, and as you can see, the backgrounds are at their BEST here. Lovely!

at least I got a free hat

"doodled this to try and break out of artblock, I also wanted to show off the free hat I got when I paid to become a walking advertisement, but hey, I fucking love coffee"

So much for no swears.

Anyway, the last page is an, in my opinion, AMAZING art layered over real picture artwork. It really looks like his furry is actually there! All good stuff.

Except for coffee. I'll admit it. I've never liked coffee. Tastes like shit.

GAH! It happened again! I gotta get outta here!

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