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    Yup, I Haven’t Been to a Convention.

    Let’s try something. I’m going to type a word and you have to think of one physical item you’d associate with that word. By physical, I mean it can’t be an idea/feeling (Ex. Love). Alright, the word is Furry. There are probably one of three things that came to mind: art, fursuits, or furry conventions. […] More

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    Anthrocon Introduces A Whole New Tier – The Ultra Sponsor Tier

    In Anthrocon‘s 2020 edition “Aesop’s Fables”, they‘ve added a 4th option for those who wish to attend the furcon. Besides the normal Day Badges, Sponsor and Super Sponsor tier tickets, you now have the option to choose a whole new eye-opening tier, named Ultra Sponsor.  With a unique price tag of US$1,000 (SG$1381.10 as of […] More

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    A Florida Fur’s Guide to Beating the Heat

    Megaplex 2019 has come and gone, and with it, fursuiters that have experienced the scorching heat are left wondering one thing: Why? Why would anyone live there? Why would I wear a full-body snuggie in 100 degree weather? As a fur who has lived in Florida their entire life, I can assure you that the […] More

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    Furrnion's website is now available!

    Furrnion has recently updated their webpage with plenty of new information about its third edition!As we already knew from Furrnion II, this year’s theme is Space Pirates! We’re definitely up for the party and love the approach they’re taking this third edition.  As they teased last year, its major change is now confirmed. Furrnion moves […] More

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    A fun Furry Meetup in Adelaide, Australia!

    In SA a small little state of Australia city of churches and we have vineyards but nothing really else. sure they have the fringe festival and one or two major conventions about anything a year. Not really happens in this small city we even the tallest building in the heart of the city barely competes […] More