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    AwooNews Interviews: Ash Coyote

    Ash Coyote is a YouTuber who is currently working on the miniseries The Fandom. Check out their YouTube channel, Patreon and teaser for The Fandom. Thank you so much for the interview! Please start by introducing yourself and your project for anyone not familiar with your work. I am Ash Coyote, a furry youtuber and […] More

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    Part Time Dragons Interview

    We talked with Spike, the Creative Director for the comic Part Time Dragons, an all too familiar, ridiculous, and entertaining story about a dragon named Dev living half nine-to-five and half passionate creator.  When we asked Spike what got them to start a comic he wanted to keep it short, “Games take ages to make, […] More

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    AwooNews Presents: Fluke Husky Q and A!

    source Fluke Husky is a rising star in the fursuit dancing community, winning several major competitions in 2018! If you want to learn more about how he makes the curl twirl, check out his Q and A 😀 Thanks again so much for the interview, Fluke! If you love what he does, then go follow […] More

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    AwooNews Interviews: Rinn the Sergal

    Editor: Welcome to the first exclusive interview on – the easiest place to keep up to date with the latest from furry fandom. Today we are interviewing Ary, better known as Rinn, “the dancing sergal.” Ary is a very talented fursuit dancer, who has competed in (and won) many dance competitions at furry conventions. […] More