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    A Florida Fur’s Guide to Beating the Heat

    Megaplex 2019 has come and gone, and with it, fursuiters that have experienced the scorching heat are left wondering one thing: Why? Why would anyone live there? Why would I wear a full-body snuggie in 100 degree weather? As a fur who has lived in Florida their entire life, I can assure you that the […]

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    Brasil FurFest on Converse Sponsorship

    Image source: Wikifur I know a lot has been said about Brasil FurFest and it’s deal with Converse, but the following it directly from Brasil FurFest and 100% Official. This year, Converse is doing a campaign about groups of people having fun in different ways around the globe (the campaign is still ongoing, featuring dancers, […]

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    Supporting my Local Furry Con

    Everyone loves to support their local furry con. It’s close to home, more personal, and it grows each year. It opens doors for new faces too! The growth Everyone loves to see furry cons grow and in this day and age cons are growing dramatically each year! This year my local con, Wild Prairie Fur […]

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    Fursuiting at Anime cons

    Everyone knows that furries and anime fans may share similar interests, some furries even became furries from certain animes.  But what is it like when the two fandoms cross over?  What do people think about furries at anime cons? Out of Place? Of course, fursuits at anime cons will stand out compared to other cosplays. […]

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    Anthrocon 2019

    Hello everyone! I am back from my trip at last and here is my big exciting post regarding Anthrocon 2019. I will say I was very shocked by how humid the weather was! Lots of rain too but it was pleasant rain, it was nice and hot and not cold like usual rain where I’m […]

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    Excitement for Anthrocon

    Hello everyone! I am very excited to be joining you fuzzies for AC. This will be my first year as well so honestly, I’m not entirely sure on what to expect. What you can expect from me So likewise I will be taking TONS AND TONS of pictures and videos. My schedule is already jammed […]

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    Flying with a fursuit

    We all know that flying can be difficult in terms of actually making it through security and baggage check. Of course, once you’re through its smooth sailing from there! But what is it like to fly with a fursuit? What types of baggage? There are many bags you can use to fit your fursuit in […]

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    So whats it really like wearing a fursuit?

    We all know that fursuits can get pretty hot underneath, but besides that what is it really like to put one on? The Headspace For those of you who don’t know, headspace is a term used to describe a place and time where nothing else matters, typically in a positive way. This is seen as […]

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    Featured Furry Comics 13

    Oh my, I have been up late. Doing what you ask? Reading some fine Furry comics of course. I should get to bed soon, but just one more page. In fact I will go a step further and share these 4 unique furry comics I been reading, down below! Name of Comic: Hybridor Writer and […]

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