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    Yup, I Haven’t Been to a Convention.

    Let’s try something. I’m going to type a word and you have to think of one physical item you’d associate with that word. By physical, I mean it can’t be an idea/feeling (Ex. Love). Alright, the word is Furry. There are probably one of three things that came to mind: art, fursuits, or furry conventions. […] More

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    Being a Young Fur Sucks!

    Back in the grand old days of the 90’s, ‘The Furry Fandom’ was mostly made up of adults, since it was considered an adult mascoting hobby. While I can imagine some kids being involved, I couldn’t see the fandom as being anywhere close to the percentage of young furs as we have today. Young furs […] More

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    Opinion Time With Key: Cosplay and Fitness

    A little background about myself since it’s relevant before we begin: Most of my life I’ve been pretty scrawny. I could eat and eat and never gain weight for the longest time until I hit my mid-twenties. Suddenly I was gaining weight and it bothered me. When I hit 198 lbs, I told myself I […] More

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    Fur On Scales #1 – Paws Or Maws?

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    Ever since I got asked to be a member of contributors to the articles on AwooNews, I’ve wanted to do opinion stuff. Time to draw a line and pick a side, everyone. Paws … or Maws? However, this won’t be a regular opinion article. I believe in the fairness of both sides, so I’ll be looking […] More

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    Is Furry YouTube Formulaic? 3 Trends that Need to Change

    For the first-time viewer, furry YouTube is a new and fresh experience. After a while, however, does it start to feel stale? The intent of this article is not to point out particular channels and look negatively on them, but rather to point out common trends that reoccur throughout furry YouTube as a whole. There […] More