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Yup, I Haven’t Been to a Convention.

Let’s try something. I’m going to type a word and you have to think of one physical item you’d associate with that word. By physical, I mean it can’t be an idea/feeling (Ex. Love). Alright, the word is Furry. There are probably one of three things that came to mind: art, fursuits, or furry conventions. Obviously there are many other things, and blah blah, it doesn’t really matter. For most people, these are probably the most common to pass through the mind when thinking about the furry fandom, as far as physical things go. I can only relate to one of the three things on that list, and that is the art portion. I don’t own a fursuit, and I’ve never been to a convention. I have commissioned art though! (too much for my own health and wallet TBH). The thing I’d like to focus on though is the convention aspect.

What exactly is my personal view of the furry fandom having never been to a furry convention? 

This topic came to mind recently because I’m fully registered for Midwest Furfest this december! Obviously my personal story is super important, so I have to document my current feelings of the fandom without being to a convention. Obviously going to conventions isn’t a requirement to be a furry, but they are a big chunk of the experience. I’ve been fully involved in the furry fandom for over two years, yet haven’t been to a convention. I’m still not 18, which is the main reason I haven’t been. Also anxiety. 

Alright, so what is my point of view then?

It’s a weird feeling being very involved in a community, yet never actually talking to anyone within that group. I have never talked to another furry in real life in my two years of being here. With that comes this craving to talk about the fandom to literally anyone. Honestly, talking to my non-furry friends sounds appealing, that’s how desperate I am. I’ve talked to other furries on Discord and Xbox before, but that’s still different from a face to face conversation. I imagine I could meet people at a convention and be able to talk to them about our experiences. Another thing is that I’m a lot better at talking to people in real life that over text, because often times my intended meaning can be lost. 

Another interesting thing is that I’ve never seen a fursuit. That is an entire section of the furry fandom that I can have little relation to. I’ve heard that they’re bigger than they look on video, but honestly I have no idea. So many people talk about how soft they are, but I’ve never had the chance to see for myself. Being able to relate to people in that area is something I hope a convention can fulfil. 

To me it’s strange to only be involved in a community online. There’s a chance I might actually hate the furries in real life. I would have no idea though because I’ve only experienced the twitter and YouTube portions. There are also times I feel empty here because I don’t have much of a role in the community. That’s why I made a YouTube channel, and it’s why I volunteer on this site. There are so many doors that open when you’re at a convention, and I want to experience that. Even though I’ve been a furry for two years, I still feel like a newbie because there is still so much to experience. 

Final Thoughts?

Overall I think not going to a convention limits the opportunities in the fandom, but it still isn’t a necessity to go to one. I’m assuming some of the excitement goes away after being to so many cons, and honestly the excitement I feel powers my creativity. I truly hope there are always new things for me to experience even after Mff this year! If you haven’t been to a convention feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, we’d automatically have something to relate about! 

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Written by Dibbo

I am child of anthropology... shoot, I think that has something to do with insects. Nevermind. I meant to say I'm a furry, and that is the story of my existence.