Is Furry YouTube Formulaic? 3 Trends that Need to Change

For the first-time viewer, furry YouTube is a new and fresh experience. After a while, however, does it start to feel stale?

The intent of this article is not to point out particular channels and look negatively on them, but rather to point out common trends that reoccur throughout furry YouTube as a whole. There is nothing inherently wrong with these trends; they are enjoyed by many, which is wonderful. I follow some of these trends myself, so I have no room to speak down on them. The reason I am writing this is to hopefully inspire other creators to think outside the box, and to not be afraid to experiment and try something new.

First, I have noticed that a lot of furries are vloggers. Vlogs are a great way to get to know someone in a fun and entertaining way; they can also be an opportunity to discuss and explain a certain topic. I feel like a lot of furry YouTubers have made vlogs specifically about the fandom, and often tread the same ground. For example, there are countless videos explaining “What is a furry?” or “How to tell your parents that you are a furry.” These are topics that basically have the same answer. However, you can turn this around and talk about your own personal experiences and add your own flair, for example: “How I found the fandom” or “How I told my parents that I was a furry,” and things of that nature. Still, these topics along with several others are very common throughout furry YouTube.

Also, a lot of furry YouTubers collaborate, which is a lot of fun to do. However, collaboration videos can feel redundant at times, due to a lot of them consisting of either a fun, silly game (like BeanBoozled) or something competitive. Speaking from experience, coming up with a story-based video for a collab can be hard to do, so I can understand how it is much easier to simply play a game. But, if you can create an entertaining skit, or talk about your experiences on something together, I think it can bring about more originality.

Finally, I feel that a lot of furry YouTubers tend to use rather strong language (sometimes bleeped, but only partially) or make a lot of adult jokes. Now, if you are reaching an older audience, that is fine; there are a lot of more serious and adult topics that need to be discussed with the older members of the fandom. However, I feel there are a lot more younger folks joining the fandom recently, and it would be nice to see more family-friendly channels out there that appeal to topics and humor that kids will better enjoy (and parents will be more comfortable with their children viewing). There are indeed quite a few out there, and I believe more are beginning to emerge.

These are just a few of the trends that I feel continue to pop up throughout furry YouTube. Again, there is nothing wrong with them, I just believe that we as creators should strive to take these ideas and make something new and original with them, or add our own flair to them. The beautiful thing about YouTube is that you can always experiment with new and fun ideas, and learn what works and what doesn’t. So get on out there and make something awesome!

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Written by Aaron Foxx

I'm a Christian teenager who makes YouTube skits and vlogs. I also love drawing, voice acting, filmmaking, and gaming!

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