Weekly Poll: Cake, or Cupcake?

Hello again Awoo-goers! This time I have a sweet poll for you! Do you prefer cakes, or their smaller counterparts, cupcakes?? Let me know!

  • Cakes, or cupcakes?

    • Cakes!
    • Cupcakes!
  • Why?

    • You can shape cakes into animals and people!
    • Cupcakes are bite-sized cakes so you can have more than one!

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Written by Arty

hi! i'm arty!

i'm your average(?) trans elephant and i'm trying to find happiness and enjoyment in everything i can, whether it's by helping with the little things, or discovering things i have a solid interest in!

i'm more or less a jack of all trades, but i try to put my focus into the things i especially love to do!

right now i'm working on tutorial articles here, and someday i hope to start an art company!

if you ever have a question for me, or want to talk, let me know!