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Being a Young Fur Sucks!

Back in the grand old days of the 90’s, ‘The Furry Fandom’ was mostly made up of adults, since it was considered an adult mascoting hobby. While I can imagine some kids being involved, I couldn’t see the fandom as being anywhere close to the percentage of young furs as we have today. Young furs (Young Furries) are defined as anyone in the furry fandom that is under 18. I think the term gets more associated with ages 14 and below, but under 18 is technically accurate too. I myself am still considered a younger furry since I’m under 18, and it was even worse for me when I joined. I joined the furry fandom in 2017, so it was a little over two years ago. That means I joined when I was 15. Being young has limitations for most activities, but in a community that shows off involvement as a highlight, not being involved kinda sucked. 

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome as a young fur is that step into talking to people that may be a few years older than you. Personally I still look for people my age online over people in their twenties. Age is a big deal to kids in general, whereas in adults interaction is virtually the same regardless of age (Not counting extremes such as children or super old people). I’m good at talking to adults, which may make it seem like I’d be good at talking to people in the fandom. There’s just one problem with that. A lot of furries tend to be on the immature side of the spectrum. Obviously this isn’t a bad thing, but it’s sort of a requirement to be willing to step into an animal costume and act, well, the way furries act. There is a certain level of inhibitions that have to be worn off in order to be a furry. So similarly to my story on conventions, the social aspect is the main problem for me as a  younger furry. I’ve just recently started making actual friends that I talk to daily.


 This has just been my experience though. It amazes me to see 13 year olds that are already fursuiting. It further amazes me to see the 13 year olds that have 3000 followers on Twitter. When I see that I legit almost die because I feel like I’ve wasted so much time. I truly don’t understand how middle schoolers can find that level of charisma and social ability. I was so awkward at that age, especially on social media. I was mega cringe, but maybe cringe is what the furry fandom wants? Maybe these kids are better at speaking their truth than adults since there is innately less filter?

 Back to me though, since I am the protagonist of this.

As always many of the things I’ve said throughout this are based on personal experience, and I have certainly seen people even younger than me that are incredibly successful socially in ‘The Furry Fandom’. My only desire is to inspire and to be accepted socially as a member of this community. This is the only fandom I have ever considered myself a part of. With that comes to need to be important, and so I will strive everyday to be as important as possible to as many people as I can. 

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Written by Dibbo

I am child of anthropology... shoot, I think that has something to do with insects. Nevermind. I meant to say I'm a furry, and that is the story of my existence.