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A fun Furry Meetup in Adelaide, Australia!

In SA a small little state of Australia city of churches and we have vineyards but nothing really else. sure they have the fringe festival and one or two major conventions about anything a year. Not really happens in this small city we even the tallest building in the heart of the city barely competes with even the modest buildings in New York.

But there is a furry community who call themselves SA furs while it is a very small community they are capable of a few awesome events as this article is going to explain one of them and the name of this event is called Furball.

Furball Is a party hosted in the city centre at a small little bar there is music there are drinks and there is fursuiters as well as cosplayers to bulk up the numbers. It started small with its first meet up in early 2016. It was at a smaller place more that catered to the LGBT community. People had a great time and about 30 people came about. Later in 2018, there was another one hosted people said they had a great time but there were some issues that the party was hosted on the red light district of the local City.

Personally, this is my first experience of Furball this year’s theme was the 1920s which was pun you should easily figure out.  While the numbers this time were smaller expected people due to the change of seasons and people getting sick. But I had a good time and there was plenty of shenanigans which people enjoyed. There’s plenty of drinks to be had and lots of charter and even a little dancing.

Their interaction with the owners of the establishment that provided space for the party was greatly appreciated as well is down to earth. One of the band players who was playing in the beer garden chose specifically catered music for the community but sadly people didn’t notice it was a nice and caring touch for people who worked showing that people can be accepted in many places.

Hopefully, furball can grow stronger in the coming years and hopefully drive the community stronger as well as bringing more people into the fandom.


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