Spooky Fursuits: The black sheep in the Furry Community?

One of the main things that people enjoy about the Furry Community is the fursuits. For many seeing these creative costumes is what introduced people to the Furry Community, myself included. The greatest thing about fursuits is that no two suits are the exact same. Every suit is custom made by hand and there are many styles to behold ranging from realistic, retro, toony and even scary.

That’s right. The spooky and scary suits of the furry community tend to be a bit of black sheep…and that’s not because they don’t blend in amongst the usually colorful and cartoony creatures. It’s because spooky fursuits are a rarity even amongst a community where people freely express their creative sides.

So where do they fit in?

Many people have a fear of mascot costumes, it’s quite common. They can be uncanny and unsettling, even to furries. So why choose to be scary and make people feel more uncomfortable? Why not be cute and friendly like most other furries?

“It’s because like every other fursuiter, its a way to express yourself even if it’s being the outcast in a group of outcasts” Says Beez, a demon goat fursuiter from Canada.

Beez posing with a toy Light Saber at Wild Prairie Fur Con In Canada. Photo Taken by WPFC staff. This Version of Beez was created by Beauty of The Bass Creations.

(Beez posing with a toy Light Saber at Wild Prairie Fur Con In Canada. Photo Taken by WPFC staff. This Version of Beez was created by Beauty of The Bass Creations.)

Scary fursuiters just want to have fun and be loved just like everyone else. Many enjoy horror films, some just enjoy the horror aesthetic. Does this mean they should be treated differently? Absolutely not. Some scary suiters might enjoy suiting with other scary fursuiters, some may enjoy just generally being around other furries/suiters.

Why choose to be scary then?

For some, it’s just the idea of being different and standing out. For others like Liz LaRocca its fun to sneak up on people. “I like to wear girly/lacy clothes with her to be ironic, I guess.” “kids either love her or hate her. I just like how unique she is!” Liz states on Facebook.

Liz LaRocca in their Vampire Bat suit created by Kruglov Sniper

(Liz LaRocca in their Vampire Bat suit created by Kruglov Sniper)

When asking Beez, the reasons are a bit different. He doesn’t like kids or hugs. “It’s just easier and more in character to deny hugs in a scary fursuit versus a big cuddly toony suit. Even then I still get people who are upset they don’t want to hug me. I sometimes growl and hiss as well and I love scaring children. Sometimes to really stay in character I purposely act like a grumpy jerk”

Fans can follow Beez on Twitter here

In Conclusion

I guess you can say its just like classic Halloween. I hope this inspires more people to be spooky and scary. Who knows maybe someday cons and meets will be full of scary fursuiters? The uniqueness of the Furry Community never ceases to amaze me.

I want to give a shout out to Stormi Folf for creating a video on Spooky and Scary fursuits back in October 2018.

So at the end of the day don’t be afraid of the scary suiters. Some don’t bite….hard…

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Written by OnixAngel

Hello I'm Onix! I'm Awoo New's Fursuits Editor.

I've been a furry for over 10 years now and have been making fursuits for over 6. I started creating fursuits when I was 13 years old.

I love discovering new makers and boosting them up as well as getting to know the experiences of older/professional makers that have been around for awhile.

I do travel to cons quite a bit but mostly in Canada since I'm Canadian.

My fursona is a Chinese Dragon but sometimes I can be seen as Diana, my doughnut-themed Dutch Angel Dragon.