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    #FursuitFriday Compilation FTW!!

    Hello Guys!! Awoonews brought you some Fursuit Arts. If you like their work, click on the source button and support them! “How was everyone day?^^” “There’s plenty of room on this bench for two! Why don’t you join me?” “Happy #FursuitFriday ! Time to share the photos of Tsuki the moon kitsune, completed for the […] More

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    Hello! AwooNews, with another #FursuitFriday compilation for you, here! Here are some cute tweets of fursuits all for your viewing pleasure. To view the original posts, please click on the source button (at the lower right of the image) . More

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    Trick or Treating in Fursuit

    Halloween is the one time of the year furries don’t stick out.  Furries love to show off their suits on Halloween to everyone, plus what’s not to love about collecting candy! However, we know Halloween is spooky but in many ways…Halloween can be quite dangerous as well so what should we look out for? Safety […] More

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    Supporting my Local Furry Con

    Everyone loves to support their local furry con. It’s close to home, more personal, and it grows each year. It opens doors for new faces too! The growth Everyone loves to see furry cons grow and in this day and age cons are growing dramatically each year! This year my local con, Wild Prairie Fur […] More

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    Fursuiting at Anime cons

    Everyone knows that furries and anime fans may share similar interests, some furries even became furries from certain animes.  But what is it like when the two fandoms cross over?  What do people think about furries at anime cons? Out of Place? Of course, fursuits at anime cons will stand out compared to other cosplays. […] More

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    Flying with a fursuit


    We all know that flying can be difficult in terms of actually making it through security and baggage check. Of course, once you’re through its smooth sailing from there! But what is it like to fly with a fursuit? What types of baggage? There are many bags you can use to fit your fursuit in […] More

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    Fursuits and sports games

    Sports games are always fun to attend or be a part of. But what happens when we mix fursuits into that? Just be cautious If you wish to attend a sports game in fursuit keep in mind you will be in high energy crowds. Sports fans tend to be rowdy and energetic. Be careful, have […] More

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    Fursuiters guide: What to pack for a con!

    So because Anthrocon is coming up (will be my first time going by the way!) I’ve decided to write a list of what to bring to cons based on personal experience. What to expect if it’s your first time I know getting a fursuit is exciting and you just wanna put it on and go […] More

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    So what about those scalies?

    Not everyone in the furry community is fur covered. A portion of the fandom has a scaled side as well (And feathered!). The scalies of the community deserve just as much love as everyone else. Scalie Fursuiters They come in many shapes and sizes. Ranging from dragons to lizards, and even snakes! Here are a […] More

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    A costume for your costume?

    Ever wonder what it’s like to mix and match fandoms? Something I enjoy doing is wearing my fursuit and putting clothes or other costumes on top of it.  It’s as if my character was cosplaying, or being someone from that particular universe. Fursuits cosplaying? You probably think it could get rather hot to layer clothes […] More

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    Fursuit Prices: Why are they increasing?

    So this week I want to cover something I’m pretty sensitive about as a fursuit maker: Fursuit prices. This can be a touchy subject for both buyer and artist. The reason I want to cover this so badly is that I think some people need to see the big picture. To start off I was […] More

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