Flying with a fursuit

We all know that flying can be difficult in terms of actually making it through security and baggage check. Of course, once you’re through its smooth sailing from there! But what is it like to fly with a fursuit?

What types of baggage?

There are many bags you can use to fit your fursuit in for flying, ultimately it’s up to you in the end which you are most comfortable with keeping your fursuit in.  Examples of bags are:

Cardboard boxes: These are good if you are delivering a fursuit so you can toss the box when you are done with it.

Suitcases: Most ideal. They have wheels and handles, come with zippers and can come in hard shells. Some suitcases come with lockable zippers as well.

Tubberware/Totes: some people like using these over suitcases because they can be larger but don’t forget to pay attention to the size restrictions! Every airline is different. Some totes can come with wheels and be lockable. if yours doesn’t have a lock, use tape to seal it because tubberware and totes are thrown onto belts and lids will pop off. Oh yeah, the people who do baggage are not nice with them. If you are worried about your suit breaking, tape a note to the lid, be nice about it too.

Hockey bags: if you don’t mind squishing your suit into a hockey bag then they are just as good to use and easier to carry around.

Some people like bringing fursuit heads as carryon but I don’t recommend this because not only will they get dirty but they MUST fit either overhead or squish under your seat during takeoff and landing. You cannot have them on your lap during those times. Not to mention if you bring your head as carryon they typically won’t allow you to bring another item with you like a backpack or bag, and if its a long flight then it’s going to be a tough and boring one!

Other things to bring

Luggage tags: These are so important. I know there is a bad stigma of suits going missing but it doesn’t happen as much as you think. But if it does, make sure to tag your bags just in case!

Luggage tracking devices: Again if you are paranoid about your suit going missing it doesn’t hurt to invest in one of these. I personally have never used them so I couldn’t recommend anything.

TSA approved locks: Make sure the locks you provide are TSA approved or else they will cut them and you will be lockless.

How to pack your suit

The Head: I like to lay mine flat on the back so the muzzle is facing up if you use a balaclava based head. Or if your head is a bucket head I lay it muzzle down with padding around it. You can stuff the head with your paws to make sure it doesn’t squish.

The Body: Folded, rolled or vacuum sealed. Doesn’t really matter!

Everything else: accessories I like to leave near the top of the bag for quick and easy grabs. Paws and tail I use to cushion the head so it’s nice and padded. Fursuit feet I leave at the bottom because they are usually dirty so that way dirt doesn’t get onto your body or other parts!

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Written by OnixAngel

Hello I'm Onix! I'm Awoo New's Fursuits Editor.

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