So whats it really like wearing a fursuit?

We all know that fursuits can get pretty hot underneath, but besides that what is it really like to put one on?

The Headspace

For those of you who don’t know, headspace is a term used to describe a place and time where nothing else matters, typically in a positive way. This is seen as escaping reality and living inside your mind. This of course in a positive way. Many groups and communities use the term “headspace” not just furries.

The headspace is something people will usually say the reason why they even fursuit in the first place. It’s a nice escape.

Getting into character

Now I got to admit this takes practice.  Getting into character can be tricky. At first, you may not have everything down pat and you are still trying to figure things out. Some furries can get into it as soon as the head comes on, others not so much. You’ll get the hang of it eventually 🙂

And of course…the heat.

Yep. We all know wearing fursuits are hot and sweaty. Sometimes you’re having so much fun you don’t even realize until the head comes off then it hits you. Everyone’s heat tolerance is different so that’s why it’s important to not belittle someone who may not be able to wear there suit as long as someone else.

Best of all make sure to have fun!

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Written by OnixAngel

Hello I'm Onix! I'm Awoo New's Fursuits Editor.

I've been a furry for over 10 years now and have been making fursuits for over 6. I started creating fursuits when I was 13 years old.

I love discovering new makers and boosting them up as well as getting to know the experiences of older/professional makers that have been around for awhile.

I do travel to cons quite a bit but mostly in Canada since I'm Canadian.

My fursona is a Chinese Dragon but sometimes I can be seen as Diana, my doughnut-themed Dutch Angel Dragon.



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