Anthrocon 2019

Hello everyone!

I am back from my trip at last and here is my big exciting post regarding Anthrocon 2019. I will say I was very shocked by how humid the weather was! Lots of rain too but it was pleasant rain, it was nice and hot and not cold like usual rain where I’m from. 

The Fursuits

Of course with over 2100 fursuiters you saw every shape, size, and form of furry out there. I think I spent more time wandering around than suiting myself. If I could pinpoint which suit was my fave that would be impossible because there’s just too many suits out there that I love. However, I did want to showcase these two suits:

This alebrijes suit was very colorful and highly detailed! They also had some sort of buzzer in their mouth that made interesting sounds, very cute!

This suit was also very interesting. I love the whole outfit. Very creative. I can see this suit being used for LARP as well!

One other thing I would like point out is the two suiters in the thumbnail of this article are the new suits I made and dropped off to clients. Of course, I also got a selfie with Telephone before she retired her suit.

The Con itself

Of course, the con itself was full of life with plenty to do. I never took into account just how big the DLCC is, along with the Westin.  I was always busy running around to panels so I never got much suiting time in and of course, the humidity didn’t help. It also sucked how the rooftop was closed, would have been nice to see.

The dealer’s den was also MASSIVE. Lots to shop and I think I spent way too much money…haha.

I got a selfie with Kage as well! I think its a requirement for attending Anthrocon. 

Another thing too is the badges were…something…it’s been a meme that people have been covering the pigs face with either stickers or tape.


The city of Pittsburgh is VERY welcoming to furries. I was shocked to see a big welcoming sign at the airport. Many shops had furry themed goodies, discounts, and merch just for furries. Outside Pizza Pharma, there was even a hydration station!

There was even signage on the streets of Pittsburgh as well. The city of Pittsburgh is a lot smaller than I imagined. The locals call it a little big town, it doesn’t feel big but it’s not too small either.

Final Thoughts

Pittsburgh is a cool city, very pretty as well! with rivers, hills, and lots of trees. There are lots of landmarks and photo opportunities all around. 

I hope to return to Anthrocon next year and hopefully, it isn’t as humid and rainy.  The con itself is very organized, very prepared for large numbers of people and it has more than enough space for everything. The staff, of course, are very accommodating, not just con staff but hotel staff as well. 

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Written by OnixAngel

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