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Today’s spotlight is on MajinBanzai! If you’re interested in following his work. You can do so on Furaffinity or Twitter. If you really enjoy his work, then drop him a donation on Ko-Fi.

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How did you become a furry?

I’ve been always a fan of World of Warcraft, so.. me and my best friend at that time we used to look up for fan-art of WoW in DeviantArt, we found tons of AMAZING pictures of Worgens made by furry artists. So, because of all this inspiration and motivation we started to draw Worgens too, we started to design our own Worgens and then… We slowly started to become a furry.

How did you decide what species your fursona would be?

I’m a very smiley person, I’m always laughing with my friends, and believe me… My laugh is not a “calm” one. When I’m playing games with my friends, I tend to scream and laugh very loud, so I decided that the animal that mostly fits with this part of myself is the Hyena.Their anatomy is also very interesting for me, is very interesting to draw too. I knew it was going to be a challenge learning how to draw these beautiful creatures. Right now, my main fursona is a Bul’trake (a closed and private species I made) and hyena hybrid. My second fursona is a feline, I’m not sure what kind of feline because I don’t actually like to choose only one thing… I like to mix and try new things.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Kohei Horikoshi indeed. He is my master, my sensei. I relate so much with his personality and his decisions. He is my biggest inspiration not only because of the wonderful work he is doing with Boku no Hero Academia, but because he touches something very personal about me and my way of life.

What’s your favorite part of what you do in furry?

My absolute favorite part of being part of this, is that I feel like I can be myself. I can show myself to the world, my true self, what I truly feel. If I want to vent, I draw it, and it actually makes me feel so much better. If I want to draw a moment special of my life, I draw it. If I want to draw a funny moment I had with my friends or loved ones, I draw it, and I show them the drawing and they react and AAA, its a wonderful feeling. And if I want to draw a feeling… I draw it and show it through my fursonas.

What advice would you give someone who wants to create in the furry fandom?

Please, never give up. Keep drawing, keep creating, keep practicing, and most importantly… Keep being YOURSELF through art, show your true self through your fursona. Be yourself.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you to everyone who support me, thank you to everyone who loves my work, and thank you AwooNews for this amazing opportunity! You guys are amazing! Keep creating! 

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