Basic Fursuit Cooling

As fun as fursuiting is, our health and safety are more important. This may be hard to believe…but we are only human. 

Know your limits!

The human body does have its limits and that’s why it’s very important to know yours. If you have to fursuit for only 15 minutes at a time and take breaks, that’s perfectly fine! Wearing a fursuit for long periods is something your body needs to adjust to. Your head is one of the main parts of your body that controls the temperature, so when your head is hot the rest of your body is. That’s why its easier to pop your head off and cool down faster vs just undoing your suit and keeping your head on.  Eventually, you will build a tolerance and be able to fursuit for longer periods. 

Drink water…lots of it.

This should be obvious. Even if you are not thirsty your body is using all the water it produces to sweat. Another thing I always do is drink half a bottle of Powerade before and after suiting. That helps with not only sweating but from keeping myself dehydrated. People don’t realize how serious heat stroke and dehydration are and the effects it has on the human body. Lots of fursuiters use straws so they can keep their fursuit head on while drinking water.

Fursuit Cooling Gear

The most important thing I cannot stress enough is to wear under armor and a balaclava! Its actually crazy how many fursuiters don’t wear any under there suits, especially balaclavas. Balaclavas aren’t that expensive, you can get them from Amazon. The reason why I stress this so much is that not only does it help tremendously with keeping you cool but it also helps with keeping your suit clean from skin, hair, and sweat. You’ve spent all this money on purchasing a suit you should probably give it some TLC.

Another great thing is cooling vests and collars. I found a cooling collar that’s used for dogs from the dollarstore, it helped a lot. Just make sure to wear it on top of your balaclava so the cool isn’t touching your bare skin. Cooling vests can be a bit on the expensive side but with an investment such as a fursuit its well worth it. The best place to get one is from Ezcooldown.

And finally, fursuit fans, When commissioning or building your own fursuit, inquire about a fan. They last hours and even the smallest breeze helps when it comes to keeping yourself cool.

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Written by OnixAngel

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