Resin vs Foam: Whats the difference?

You are probably aware that most fursuits are made of either upholstery foam bases or resin ones. I’m sure there’s more out there but these are the top 2 most common materials used. 

Resin Heads

Resin, as you probably know is a hard material that can be pretty heavy. This is why the whole head isn’t usually made of resin and just the face is. The head usually has straps at the back and built to be balaclava like. Resin heads usually collect lots of condensation too so it’s always a good idea to use a fan inside the head. Resin heads are usually more common with realistic looking fursuits but there are some toony resin head makers like OneEyedDoe. They also provide much cleaner and better jaw movement vs foam heads.

The best places to look for resin heads, if you’re in the market for making a suit yourself is DreamVision Creations or Etsy

Foam Heads

Foam is most commonly used more than resin. It’s much easier and cheaper to use. Upholstery foam is usually bought in squares on in rolls from a fabric store. The foam is then cut, glued, and sculpted into the shape the maker wishes it to be. It usually makes a huge mess and foam tends to stick to everything due to the static.

The other type of foam used (that is way less common) Is the expanding foam from Smooth-On. It’s a chemical mixture that is poured into a mold just like a resin head and expands 15x its volume into basically a marshmallow. The chemical is 100% safe to use and is graded to be used on the human body. Once the foam is out of the mold it’s super squishy and doesn’t have a smell to it. Foam heads are more commonly seen with toony fursuits.

So which is better?

really this is all a matter of preference. I personally prefer foam over resin because none of my suits are realistic and its a material I am more comfortable working with.  Everyone has there needs and wants and at the end of the day, none are really better than the other as makers tend to find a use for both materials in many different ways.

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