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AwooNews Interviews: Rinn the Sergal


Editor: Welcome to the first exclusive interview on – the easiest place to keep up to date with the latest from furry fandom. Today we are interviewing Ary, better known as Rinn, “the dancing sergal.”

Ary is a very talented fursuit dancer, who has competed in (
and won) many dance competitions at furry conventions. He is most active online on YouTube, Twitter and Patreon, delighting his fans with his creative dances and tutorials.

How did you discover the furry fandom?

I recently answered this on a twitter meme: “VCL, what’s this?” But the short story is I was big into anime in high school, so I found the VCL website while browsing for anime fan art. This was in 1994 or so.

How did you decide the species for your fursona?

Originally I was a brown wolf. Like many others, I felt a strong connection to them. I still do, however I switched to sergal when my focus shifted to dance. I wanted something that was less commonly seen in fursuits. I daresay it suits me better.


How many furry conventions do you go to in a year?

2-3, all west coast. Sometimes I make a pilgrimage out east. I’ve been to AC twice but by comparison, I’ve been to BLFC every year since its 2nd ever.

What is your favorite convention experience?

BLFC. Great venue, great staff, great atmosphere. Only place where the dance goes for 10 hours straight!

What does your family think of all of this?

While they aren’t involved with it, they think it’s great. A bit weird, but fun–keeps me out of trouble, haha. Even my extended family has seen my videos and gets a kick out of it.

How often do you wear your fursuit?

Well, tons at cons. Other than that, just a few times per month to do my video productions and sometimes photo shoots.


What parts of the furry fandom do you connect with the most?

I think we all connect at a fundamental level, but obviously my closest circles are within the dancerfur circles–that is where I focus most of my time. Apart from that, it’s probably with the AV and dance staff.

Do you belong to any other fandoms?

I definitely have insterest and hobbies in others like costuming, I go to comic cons, I’m in the 501st Legion, etc. But I’m not nearly as close to or involved within those communities as I am with furry.

What is the hardest part of what you do that most people probably wouldn’t realize?

It’s either what it takes to put together a competition choreography or what it takes to produce videos regularly. The bar is set high in both areas, so a lot of work has to go into it to be competitive and meet expectations. Many months of practice are spent working on competition choreo even though we make it look easy to the crowd–and that is the point! For video, a lot of time and money is spent to have a good, well-lit recording space, good audio, and editing which is up to par with YouTube viewership expectations.

What do you do outside of the furry fandom?

Hang out, play games, go on adventures, and of course mainly work, hehe.


How does the furry fandom compare from when you joined it to now? What has changed and what hasn’t?

Oh gosh, so much has changed since 1994.  Probably the biggest and most exciting is that furry is in control of its own destiny and image now. We are no longer subject to popular media portrayals, and it’s not the fad to make fun of furries anymore, so it’s now truly in OUR hands to show what we are about to the world! I think it’s always been a good place to be, but even better now with how expansive the creativity has become.

What are your upcoming projects?

Oh the usual! Working on bringing dance battle events to west coast cons, working on some on-location videos that should be a fun change of pace from my usual studio work. I have a really busy life in general, so keeping up on all the content, plus the Patreon extras is definitely an exercise in time management!

What is your dream project? If you could work with anyone who would it be?

Oh easy: I want to get Doryuu, Diggy, and Red together for a Kinjaz-like dance video shoot, fully choreographed, super solid and pro, featuring us in and out of suit (in our Kinjaz gear). I have the vision for it, and it might someday be possible!


What advice would you give a person just getting into the fandom?

Remember that what you put in is what you will get out. Don’t be afraid of the things you love, and to express yourself in all the ways that make you love life. Furry is fringe, and people think it’s weird–and it is! But the secret is that everyone is weird in their own way, so don’t be ashamed. Most people you meet will treat it how you do, so if you treat it as a fun and exciting thing, so will they!

Is there anything that we didn’t talk about that you’d like to add?

Well, because my main focus in what I do is to encourage people to express themselves, and to be unafraid, I don’t usually promote myself. I like to share freely the joy and growth experience that is dance, and fursuit dance specifically. But I do have a Patreon because those of us who do dance covers of music we like are kinda screwed since we cannot monetize our videos and all our views go straight into the record companies’ pockets! So all of my patron donations go back into supporting what I do in some way, from editing software fees to new lighting, and I’ve always hoped someday it would help me travel to more cons to run more dance workshops and events! If that’s something you want to help make happen, consider joining me at!  High tier donations are just $5 and get access to teaching videos that come out at least once a month. Otherwise, I’ll ALWAYS be doing what I do on YouTube for free, and if your financial situation is tight, take care of yourself first!

Editor’s note: Thank you so much Ary for taking the time to do our very first Awoo Interview! If you love what Ary does and want to support his work, please consider donating to his Patreon. Don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter as well!



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