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Part Time Dragons Interview

We talked with Spike, the Creative Director for the comic Part Time Dragons, an all too familiar, ridiculous, and entertaining story about a dragon named Dev living half nine-to-five and half passionate creator.  When we asked Spike what got them to start a comic he wanted to keep it short, “Games take ages to make, and when we started we wanted to work something we could make and release with ease.” He Confessed,  “So we decided to make a both! Comics are a great place to experiment and have fun. While games are a great place to provide a deeper, more robust experience!”

When asked about what he does outside of the comic Spike reveals he’s had plenty of experience to dump into Part-Time Dragons, “I work in games for my full-time job! I’ve worked in places like Hasbro, Mattel, Disney. I’m a technical designer by trade! That means do both design and the implementation.”

Being a code-savvy fellow we asked if he’s planning to take a crack at his own personal digital product, he had this to say, “We really don’t have any outside of the game,” He laughs, “One indie game is project enough for the whole team!” I am sure we can all say we are excited to see what comes in the future. We even tried squeezing a bit more juicy detail out, but he was quick to give us the pink slip, “Ah, sorry bros. But we’ll be keeping quiet on this one for a little longer. I can say that we are getting real close to releasing a big thing publically. Be excited. We totally are!”

Taking on projects like this can have lots of challenges, we asked Spike what he had the hardest time with while working on Part-Time Dragons, “Iteration Iteration Iteration. At Part Time Dragons we believe in the power of peer review, which is why we give notes after every single step of our process! After the script is finished? Notes. After the sketch? Notes? Same with lines, colors and final VFX. Some comics are improved by the pipeline so much they are actually unrecognizable from their initial idea!”

Reaching your goals can be satisfying and we wanted to know what the journey was like for him, “Honestly it’s been kind of nuts. Most people don’t know, but we have overhauled our process like 4 or 5 times completely! We are always trying to do more, in less time, and with the best quality. The pursuit of excellence sometimes takes you into some strange areas!

“I’ve been aware of the furry fandom for a long time!” He said when we asked him how he discovered the Furry Fandom, “But most of our experience has actually come from Part Time Dragons! Our furry fans are great!”

Spike had a word of advice for his fans who also want to go on their own creative journey, “Pursue excellence. It’s hard to stand out in the world, to make something great, to get attention. By making the best work you can, and I mean every time you pick up your pencil or open up unity… that’s how you become a monster at what you’re passionate about! Half-measures only give you half-results. Go all out!”

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