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Image source: Wikifur I know a lot has been said about Brasil FurFest and it’s deal with Converse, but the following it directly from Brasil FurFest and 100% Official. This year, Converse is doing a campaign about groups of people having fun in different ways around the globe (the campaign is still ongoing, featuring dancers, basketball teams, motorcycle crews…) and the crew they chose for Brazil was “Furries playing bowling” at their furry bowling event known as Furboliche. So I contacted the BFF to know more about this. “Let’s start at the beginning how did Converse approach you?”

“They contacted us and asked if they could take pictures of fursuiters playing bowling for their campaign and if they could tell our story as group”“We thought it would be great to show to general audicence Furries doing things for fun, plus, we would get some sneakers and get a nice photo session.”“We accepted and we sent the agency several pictures of several fursuiters, so they could pick the models for the campaign”“We got payment for the pics plus the sneakers and also the chance to make our event know around.”

The campaign was a big hit in Brazil, especially among furries. Interactions in Instagram skyrocketed – more than that for the Furboliche campaign. Some posts even had more than 1,000 comments (usually they have 8, 10 comments). 

“The marketing agency for the Brazilian industry who got brand rights of Converse (Converse sneakers in Brazil are made in Brazil) approached us and asked if they could give us “apoio” (there is no direct translation, but it could be called partnership) to improve something in the event in charge of placing their brand inside the event.”We accepted since apoio grants us all decisions on where to place the logos.” “So we had two banners of Converse at the con space, their logo was present during Dance Competition in the LED screen they helped us to rent and all the staff got beautiful Converse sneakers (and all of us were very happy about it)”

External commercial sponsorships, especially with events like furcons, is quite controversial within the furry fandom. This is due to fear that corporations may exploit the fandom, and some furs pointed out that they would even “seek to control certain aspects of the fandom”.

“And it must be said: we would never allow any company dictate our con.”“In 2018, an app approached us offering full sponsorship deal, but they wanted all the mailing list of BFF attendees – we said NO. We would never share it with a company.”

Brasil FurFest 2019 was a huge success, which had 571 attendees (431 in 2018). According to the BFF, they had “absolutely 0 complaints from our attendees about Converse, pretty much otherwise, many bought Converse sneakers to support the company who believes and helps the only hotel-based furry convention in the country.” For more about the partnership, check out this article: Adapted from

Editor’s note: This article was written by Pawsry1808.

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Written by Pawsry The Wolf

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