Artist Spotlight: Ratte

Ratte is an Anthro artist, writer as well as an e621 administrator as a volunteer. Most of the time he spent on worldbuilding, drawing, or writing stories for an overarching canon.

If you’re interested in following his work. You can do so on Furaffinity or Twitter. If you really enjoy his work, then drop him a donation on Ko-Fi and  Deviantart!

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How did you become a furry?

I think I’ve always been one.  Back as long as I could remember, I always drew humanoid animals, but didn’t know what “furry” was until I was about 11-12 when I stumbled upon VCL, if anyone remembers that website.


How did you decide what species your fursona would be?

I kept several rats during my teens and was pretty fond of them both as pets and as animals.  Something about it just worked, so I rolled with it.


What’s your favorite part of what you do in furry?

I enjoy creating and working with a story setting and its characters, piecing together smaller parts of a much bigger thing.  I had a hard time getting my work taken seriously outside of the fandom, so it’s extra nice if there are other people who enjoy it, too.  Ultimately I most enjoy making things that my modest following also enjoys, something from myself.

“Unwritten Rules”

What are your upcoming projects? (Note: Feel free to self promote, if you choose)

I will be starting and working on a large illustration project in the upcoming months, provided I have time to work on the installments.  Patreon and Ko-fi are very helpful in pushing along those projects, should you be interested in supporting the work.

What advice would you give someone who wants to create in the furry fandom?

Don’t be too upset if your work gets little interest from the start– the fandom is very large and there are a lot of people all trying to find their place all the same.  In this age and time these subcultures are bigger than we can even really comprehend.  Prioritize the things you enjoy most and the following will build as you grow.  It may be slow at first, but you’ll get there.  I’ve been at this for over a decade, believe me.

“I’ll Be Good”

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