Artist Spotlight: ~Inkmaven

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Today’s spotlight is on ~Inkmaven! If you’re interested in following her work. You can do so on Furaffinity or Twitter

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How did you become a furry?

My friends and I were always inspired by cartoons as kids, and there were a lot of anthropomorphized characters on TV in the 90s. I had one friend in particular who was pretty competitive with me, she and I would draw together and constantly compare our skills. Eventually she moved away, but I kept at it, and the subject of combining human and animal traits continued to interest me. I worked on a neopets-style site as an artist for a few years in high school, and someone there recommended that I try doing commissions for furries. Not knowing the full extent of what I was getting into, I tried it out and have been working with furry clients ever since.

How did you decide what species your fursona would be?

Originally I wanted something with wings, and that was a gryphon. I used to dream about flying around. Those dreams eventually stopped, and I started attending cons to sell merchandise. I wanted something that was more physically fitting to how I looked in real life, so there would be a connection there for customers. I fell back on serval (the African wildcat, not to be confused with sergal) because cats have always been my favorite animals. Servals in particular are very thin and I’ve been a twig my whole life, so it was a natural fit.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I have a few in-fandom inspirations whom I’ve been following since before I even knew the fandom existed. Eskiworks, Dagger-Leonelli, and Hibbary come to mind.

What’s your favorite part of what you do in furry?

My favorite part of what I specifically do in the community is working with new folks on their first reference sheets, or helping to design their characters. I love seeing their unique ideas come to life, and I love being able to provide people an outlet for their creative concepts.

What are your upcoming projects? (Note: Feel free to self promote, if you choose)

Most of my upcoming projects are small these days–individual t-shirt designs, illustrations–if/when I find the time however I’d like to do a furry comic.

What advice would you give someone who wants to create in the furry fandom?

If you want to create, do it! It’s very rewarding. However, if you want to sell specifically, don’t undercharge! Even if you’re new figure out what a living wage is for your area and make sure you sell your art for what it’s worth. You owe that both to yourself, but to the other creators in the fandom, too.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Check out my Etsy if you’d like to see some of the Merch I sell at cons!

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