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    Furry Film Festival F3 winners announced

    The fandom’s very first international film festival, Furry Film Festival, F3 for short, has recently started and ended on a bold furry note, as various films from participants were showcased, and 3 winners were announced. The awards are divided into 4 categories: Best Overall Picture Best Story Best Character Best Visuals The winners are as […] More

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    Anthrocon Introduces A Whole New Tier – The Ultra Sponsor Tier

    In Anthrocon‘s 2020 edition “Aesop’s Fables”, they‘ve added a 4th option for those who wish to attend the furcon. Besides the normal Day Badges, Sponsor and Super Sponsor tier tickets, you now have the option to choose a whole new eye-opening tier, named Ultra Sponsor.  With a unique price tag of US$1,000 (SG$1381.10 as of […] More

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    Brasil FurFest on Converse Sponsorship

    Image source: Wikifur I know a lot has been said about Brasil FurFest and it’s deal with Converse, but the following it directly from Brasil FurFest and 100% Official. This year, Converse is doing a campaign about groups of people having fun in different ways around the globe (the campaign is still ongoing, featuring dancers, […] More