Furry Film Festival F3 winners announced

The fandom’s very first international film festival, Furry Film Festival, F3 for short, has recently started and ended on a bold furry note, as various films from participants were showcased, and 3 winners were announced.

The awards are divided into 4 categories:

  • Best Overall Picture
  • Best Story
  • Best Character
  • Best Visuals

The winners are as follows:  

  • Chirros White, “Little Wings” – Best Overall Picture
  • Cainen McGuffin, “Self Help” – Best Character and Best Story
  • Hanna Smith, “Now” – Best Visuals

The GFTV has done a telecast of the inaugural event, which is available here:

Report by Ahmar Wolf, additional reporting by Pawsry HTCN.

Adapted from:

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Written by Pawsry The Wolf

I'm a 🇸🇬🔵🐺 who chairs the furry-centered broadcaster Global Furry Television (GFTV).
I also am a classical pianist and composer too~