Artist Spotlight: Kadath

This is about an artist called Kadath. The giraffe with the old woman specs right here.

I think he’s saying, “HELD HOSTAGE. HELP.”

I’m not certain about when he started, but from what i can tell and find out, he first made the rounds around the furry community back in 2007, then started putting out art and comics in 2009, though his earliest art was made back in 2005.

What can you expect from his art and comics? You can expect drawings that LOOK simple, but have more detail than you realize. His creases and shading add realism, his expression are clear and funny, and the character designs are good looking. And i mean, GOOD LOOKING.

His art includes multiple characters, which you can find out more about in his main series, Ask Puz n Pals. Be warned though, he does lots of, ahem, lewd stuff, so discretion is advised. Or a filter, if you wish. My recommended tactic is to go to his Fur Affinity or DeviantArt account without logging in.

His picures also mention Tumblr, but after the mature content crackdown on Tumblr, i wouldn’t be suprised if he’s been taken down. I couldn’t find it myself.

He also has a website where you can buy digital versions of his comics if you wish, instead of, you know, saving the original images to your computer YOU THIEF, and a Patreon if you want to support him directly. $5 to see his stuff early? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!?

If you’re looking to have your own question answered on his main series, he says that only Patreon pledgers may have their questions answered. Just a heads up!

You can even try to get a commission from him if you wish. Details are in the description of his Picarto.

He’s a good man who does good work, so if your up for treading through a world of relationship rivalry, commentary on having roommates, and perversion in multiple forms, check him out. Mmmmaybe make sure you get the kids out of the room first though.

And if your curious, the original Kadath is a location created by H.P Lovecraft… i did not know that until i looked it up.

Ask Puz n Pals #55

"Run Pat, RUN!!!"

Hey, don't be dissing anteaters >:(

White Lines = Shaking Body apparently. Also, the purple fear line is a nice touch

Ask Puz n Pals #195

"Or, in the original Scottish: Shoon."

These 4 are the main characters you'll encounter.

Also, the top comment of this picture on Fur Affinity is hilarious XD

Ask Puz n Pals #146

"The benefit of having a tiny girlfriend is that you can carry her around piggyback 😛

A day early, but Happy Valentine's Day!"

Didn't you know? Horns are natures handle bars!

Ask Puz n Pals #174

"Vince is the big, quiet type, so he's more apt to listen and observe."

He's also a possible gun enthusiast, if his tattoo is anything to go by.

Ask Puz n Pals #91


Like any good creator, Kadath also makes sure to have a good share of feel-good moments.

Ask Puz n Pals #139

"I don't even want to think of how Zwarte Piet would work in an anthro world XD"

According to google, Zwarte Piet is the companion of Saint Nicholas in the folklore of the Low Countries.

His holiday is involved with controversy because of racism in it's traditions, but I'll let YOU go down that rabbit hole if you're curious.

Ask Puzzle n Pals 112

"Somebody remembered these two! I figured that they became a couple when Olivia returned home after the conclusion of Misplaced Virtues."

A good creator doesn't discriminate, and the aforementioned comic doesn't disappoint. It's honestly one of my favorites.

And in case you're wondering, the title is what's written on his DeviantArt. Probably a mistake. It's cool, he's only human... i think.

Ask Puz n Pals #87

"Seems they do other things besides plot against Olivia..."

For context, see "The Pleasure Principle".

Ask Puz n Pals #173

"I guess technically it'd be 'Mumsy Bear' or somesuch, but Mama Bear works just as well!"

Bears and cats living together? MASS HYSTERIA!

Daisy – Workin’ It (Clothed Version) [Commission]

"Commission for hyperfreak666 of his lovely cow girl, Daisy, in her work attire!"

Here's one of the commissions he did! Just as good as his regular art as you can see.

AC 2015 Commission – Chroniswolf

"AC 2015 colour sketch commission for Chroniswolf!"

And another one! Draw me like one of your PokeGirls!

Unlike the other pics in this gallary, this one links to DeviantArt. I couldn't find it on Fur Affinity.

Collab Commission – Hathaway

"Collab commission for DementedMonkay, featuring my character Dax!"

Apparently Kadath collaborated with another giraffe called Kaylii. He mentions her on his page, but I'm not sure of their relationship. Partner? Girlfriend? Biggest fan? Further investigation required.

Ask Puz n Pals #48

"It counts as parody, Di! Right? ....RIGHT?!"

A sneak peak at the main content of Kadath without being under Mature. This already puts the "how is this not under mature" meter up high, but once you see the last picture...

Ask Puz n Pals #3

"Puzzle's a real handful."

Aaaaand the meter broke, so i'll just stop there.

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