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    Where are you reading us from?

    From my understanding I think most of furries are located in USA, but the fandom has gone global.  For example I’m from Colombia in South America, and I have many friends that are also furries from all around the world, I’ve some friends that are from France, Germany, Venezuela, Ecuador and many other countries.  I […] More

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    Fur On Scales #1 – Paws Or Maws?

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    Ever since I got asked to be a member of contributors to the articles on AwooNews, I’ve wanted to do opinion stuff. Time to draw a line and pick a side, everyone. Paws … or Maws? However, this won’t be a regular opinion article. I believe in the fairness of both sides, so I’ll be looking […] More

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    Is Furry YouTube Formulaic? 3 Trends that Need to Change

    For the first-time viewer, furry YouTube is a new and fresh experience. After a while, however, does it start to feel stale? The intent of this article is not to point out particular channels and look negatively on them, but rather to point out common trends that reoccur throughout furry YouTube as a whole. There […] More