Hyper Light Drifter Review

Hyper Light Drifter is an 2D Action RPG.  The colour scheme is very vibrant and unique considering it’s based in a post-apocalyptic world which has been engulfed with a evil force which mainly derives with the colour black. The pixel graphics that Hyper Light Drifter has makes the game look so much more compelling to play and even though it seems a quite innocent game from a glance it is much more graphic and stressful while playing.

Hyper Light Drifter is a game made for the art rather than the narrative.  There is no voice which tells you what to do and personal stories of characters within Hyper Light Drifter tell their stories through images rather than text.  This is a very unique way to direct a game and makes you really think about the lore and makes the replay value much higher.  You will want to replay more of the game to try find any other hints or lore related things you didn’t before. Personally I think without any dialogue, even if it was done to a good standard, it makes Hyper Light Drifter so much more immersive with only the atmospheric music and very limited text (All hints/Notifications).  This could be seen as a con to some people who like to be told what to do and be led through a game but this game is very much throwing you into the wind and saying “Find out yourself.” Which is hardly a thing in most recent games I have played, which is why I enjoy this so much as it makes you invest more time into looking around and actually finding the secrets intended by the developers.

Hyper Light Drifter is riddled with secrets in the most unexpected places giving curiosity to make you look through every nook and cranny for any source of information about the main character, or information on what to do next. You end up with countless amounts of collectables and the odd new weapon.  Occasionally a new character will tell you about what happened to them and others within the area that they are in. All the characters you come across too are interesting, like the vendors within a town, all are unique just as the characters that you meet outside of the central town.

As for the enemies in Hyper Light Drifter there’s not much variety, but enough to keep you on your toes when you enter a new section of the map. For the bosses that are within Hyper Light Drifter, all of them are special and even though the difficulty varies drastically. I feel that it depends on what you are good at in RPG hack ‘n slash games.  Sometimes I had to brute force my way through a boss with constantly attacking simply because I wasn’t fast enough to dodge the attacks.  That can be frustrating for hardcore gamers that wish to 100% without dying as there is an achievement for that.  That in and of itself adds to the replay value, as unless you are a pro at these types of games then you will more than likely be playing through this game again to get all the achievements. Another thing that Hyper Light Drifter has covered is NG+ (New Game +) to entice you to play the game again but with added difficulty.

The animations from attacking, to basic interaction is so smooth it feels like its not even a pixel game at all.  Moving onto character customization.  Collecting enough “Gearbits” will allow you to upgrade your characters abilities.  From movement,  melee attacking, the amount of bullets you can carry in your guns, and how many health packs or grenades you can carry; this also can vary your play style. If you want to be a ranged attacker or an up close and swift moving attacker, it all depends on how you upgrade your character.

You also can unlock more clothing for your character and the little companion robot that follows you around by simply getting more collectables or finishing the story. The soundtrack of Hyper Light Drifter is beautifully composed, as it encapsulates the feelings of that moment within the game.  Areas of the game that have different music fit that area well and I could sit and listen to the music of this game for hours on end.  Not only is it relaxing, but can be also quite tense and emotional at the same time, which all wraps up well with the story telling and overall amazing ending to this mysterious and wonderful gem of a game.

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Written by Dawson Granados

Hi My Name is Dawson but you can call me Sen. Im a video editor and a gamer/game developer I also make music. If you want to play I play Xbox My Gt is SyCo Space and follow my Insta @Sen_the_wolf