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Welcome Back to the 2nd AwooGaming! Before we get into the Potatoes and Meat I wanna get one thing out of the way. Thank you guys SO much for getting my first article over 100 views. It means so much to me that people are willing to listen to some hyper fennec’s opinion on video games, and I only want to get better as we go along, Thank you Sooooo much!

Now with that out of the way, Let’s get started on AwooGaming #2, Pokemon Yellow!
Very Topical. UwU

Pokemon Yellow

Hoo boi there’s a lot to talk about here. >w<
Despite continuing to make bank just for brand recognition alone, Pokemon’s origins are pretty admirable. It was pretty much the baby of Satoshi Tajiri, and had a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into the first pair of games, Red and Blue. After the release in the west Pokemania was in full effect, with an N64 spinoff adding on content, an anime adaptation out and the sequels in development, Pokemon Yellow was made to give fans a sister game to the original duo. Not only that but also to coincide with Pokemon stadium, which released a month prior.


This game was released when the Anime was in full swing, and is pretty much an adaptation. The main character’s default name is Ash instead of Red, Blue is now Gary, and Your starter is a Pikachu that can’t evolve. There are also various gameplay changes that make this more accurate to the Anime, like getting all 3 starters instead of forcing you to get only one like Red and Blue, Team Rocket now having Jesse and James, and some of the Gym Leader’s sprites, as well as teams being changed to better fit the anime.

There are also revamped Front sprites for every single pokemon, which closely follow their modern designs, as opposed to the, quite frankly, bad spritework of the originals. This makes the game look so much better in every aspect. Not only that but some versions of Yellow are Gameboy Color Compatible, which makes the palettes of each town distinct. This is definitely the best looking version of Gen 1 Pokemon regardless.

This is classic Pokemon gameplay of course, Collecting a whole team of different Pokemon and using different moves to create strategies to overcome challenges. There is no grinding necessary to make it through this game, which was very ahead of its time. There is also the very first implementation of a friendship system. Over the course of the game Pikachu will go from hating you to liking you, it’s not much, there’s only one real gameplay benefit, but it’s nice to go back and check up on him, cute points there. However there is one major issue with the gameplay, and that is your starter.

Pikachu is a terrible starter. He’s got low bases, you can’t evolve him, and he just sucks. He’s definitely the low point of the game, he’s pretty much useless in the late game, however your never forced to use him, if your heartless you can shove him in the PC. This problem would’ve been fixed if he was allowed to evolve but no, he ain’t. Gotta get that anime authenticity yo.

More like Stinkime Authenticity UwU

Gotta catch all the furries

SO how’s the furry representation in this game?
Well Pokemon seem unanimously considered furry so let’s go with that.
The Pokemon in this gen are quite weak if I’m gonna be frank. Most of them are either basic wildlife creatures, or inanimate objects

That being said, the good designs are legitimately great. All three starters are all just wonderful, the Eevee lines are all great, Pikachu and Raichu are great, Jigglypuff is how the pokemon should’ve been, as well as Sandshrew and Sandslash, Shellder as well. Ditto is a great concept, and the five legendary pokemon are just pretty much perfect. That’s really 25/150 that I personally think are worth mentioning. Sadly this gen was the first, and while I do think most of the designs are memorable, they are just way too simple, like Bird! Rat! CLOWN!

Stray Thoughts

This game is buggy, it’s not that noticeable on an average playthrough but there are some that do get into the way, as long as you don’t use status lowering/heightening moves past a +6 buff you should be fine.

Pokemon Stadium may or may not have extra content for the postgame, I don’t have it so I sadly cannot comment.

No comment on the remakes, I haven’t played them in a long time, I will get to them eventually though.

One thing I didn’t Mention yet is Multiplayer, using link cables was a major feature of the game. I’ll get more in detail on it later, don’t worry, I didn’t forget. UwU

Final Score

The game is old, very old, and clunky, but despite that it’s still fun to go through. The lack of grinding makes this an enjoyable romp with a decent challenge. The major hindrance is Pikachu being unable to evolve. Other than that It has great inclusions, presentation got spiffed up exponentially, and just in general is better than the Duos in almost every way, bar a couple exclusives.

Overall: 4/6

Sadly the pokemon designs are mostly too bland and simple. That being said the designs that are good have stapled themselves in gaming history, and deservedly so.

Furry Hotness: 1/2

OK here’s the part where peeps might get a little mad. Gen 1 has not aged well. Regardless of the remakes Gen 1 relies on one thing, interaction. Interaction with other people who are willing to go through a, while very charming, very dated experience, with limited options. The later games improve the groundwork so much which makes this game so difficult to come back to. I can’t in good conscience give this a recommendation. The only reason I can see where it can be fun is if you and a friend get it on the 3DS Virtual Console, where trading was carried over, and your still in for a dated and clunky game. The charm can’t save it. Play if your interested, but I don’t recommend. I’m Sowwwwyyy ;w;

Recommendation: 0/1

This game gets a 410 Score
This game isn’t as recognizable as it’s older brothers, but if your interested in playing Gen 1, this is definitely the best version in my opinion, it’s a shame Gen 1 isn’t too great as a whole.

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