Artist Spotlight: ~SiplickIshida!!

Siplick is an amazing Artist. A Fine Arts graduate, illustrator + motion graphics animator at work, her hobbies are character designing, cos-playing and cos-making.

She loves animals and monsters of all sorts and enjoy seeing their interactions with humans and other creatures alike.

If you’re interested in following her work. You can do so on Furaffinity or Twitter. If you really enjoy her work, then drop her a donation on Ko-Fi and Deviantart!

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How did you become a furry?

Although I’m not actually a furry, I have been in the fandom since 2009, which is when I created my FA account. But I created anthro art even before that, on deviantART.

How did you decide what species your fursona would be?

I’ve always been fond of felines and then grew to really like all sorts of birds, so I figured a mix of both would be cool! So I went with a harpy-like designed that mixed my favorite feline (Iberian lynxes) and bird (Bearded vulture). As for its colors, I love grey so I went with a bunch of them in combination with red and yellow, my favorite colors.

“Autumn breeze”

What’s your favorite part of what you do in furry?

I love creating anthro characters and seeing everyone else’s! The artistic part of the fandom is definitely my favorite. I also really admire suit makers, as creating costumes is really time-consuming, not to mention how hard it is to bend a human body’s shape in order to make it look like an anthro creature – it requires lots of imagination and trial and error.

“Captain Wan”

What are your upcoming projects? (Note: Feel free to self promote, if you choose)

I’m working on a visual novel (video game) called The Anima Island! It’s a sci-fi adventure about an original species called the animae, which have recently appeared in the Anima Island. I’ve been working on it for about a year and right now it’s got a demo version up on, if you’d like to try it out:

“Roo leggies”

What advice would you give someone who wants to create in the furry fandom?

Creating for the furry fandom or otherwise, it’s always best to make that which you enjoy yourself instead of what you think other people like – it will bring you much more joy!

“The Young Apprentice”

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