Awoo Gaming #1: Star Fox 64

Welcome to AwooGaming!
Since this is the first article of AwooGaming I might explain a couple things on how it works!

Firstly this is just some my opinion, these articles are not objective reviews. This series is more to look at Furry Games and see if they’re fun or not! If you disagree with me on certain aspects or just the article in general leaving a comment would be a great way to start a discussion so don’t be afraid to, even if you agree, any and all votes and comments are appreciated.

The second thing I want to address is the unique scoring system I have set up. This ain’t a normal review series, but a FURRY review series, and so I made up a new scoring system

The 621 score

Basically I rate the game on 3 different criteria,
-/6 for overall game quality
-/2 for the Furry Hotness
And -/1 for whether or not the game is worth your time.

With all that out of the way, WELCOME!
I am proud to present AwooGaming #1
Star Fox 64!

What’s a Star Fox 64?
Star Fox 64 was released in 1997 for the N64. Known as Lylat Wars in Europe, this follow up to the SNES classic is one of the most beloved games on the system. It’s also a major face of the furry gaming community, at least, the Nintendo crowd of furries. It’s cast includes the Iconic Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi, as well as Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad.

Star Fox

First we GOTTA talk about this plot. It starts off with a narration of the defeat of the original Star Fox, which includes an evil scientist, betrayal, and a dead father. This story is cliche, hammy, and the voice acting is so bad, all to make this mess of perfection. The story doesn’t take itself too seriously for the most part, and that’s what makes it great, your just the elite team of pilots out to end an evil scientist’s dastardly deeds of destruction, that’s all you need from it. It’s just a blast to go through this game and just listen to all the one-liners and villainous speeches, only for them to be cut short with your mad skillz.

Speaking of skillz, we should probably get to the GAME part of this game, and hoo boi, this game is insanely fun. There’s never a dull moment in this game, the game drops you into the Lylat System, where you always start in Corneria. Then you make your way towards Venom’s defenses. It’s a linear experience with a whole lot of sweet variety. All the different planets are all completely barren of natural life thanks to Andross, but every single one has a feel, a different atmosphere, it feels like your just going forward in this once beautiful Space System. The graphics also help in this aspect. The models are mostly for robots so they end up aging pretty well. Aside from some lag spikes here or there when there’s a lot on screen the game runs so cleanly. But enough about the world, let’s get into how this game plays, and what makes it so fun.

This game is a simple shooter, basically you control Fox as he glides across the screen with ease down a straight path filled to the brim with enemies and obstacles. You start off with a simple pea shooter, 3 Bombs, 2 lives, and your Star Fox Allies. Your goal is to Complete each mission without dying (duh). Throughout each level are collectible Gold and Silver Rings for Health expansion and Replenishing respectively, Laser Upgrades, and Bombs, as well as Wing Repair if the wings on the arwing break. There’s also a couple levels that shake things up with the control scheme, which offer a great change of pace and keeps things from being too stale. All Range mode levels and bosses also appear from time to time, creating these awesome dogfight battles that are really intense.

You can get by just fine without really being good at the game, but where it really excels are the alternative routes. Performing well, protecting allies, or just flat out doing things for style points can net you harder levels that have unique story benefits, making each playthrough a joy to go through. Another thing to consider are your partners, keeping them alive can net you certain secrets and even new levels in some instances, and it keeps you from just spamming willy-nilly with your laser, as you can damage them.

I’m being as vague as I can with this because the real joy of this game is experiencing it firsthand and just being rewarded with all these goofy, cheesy, and insanely fun moments.

What’s in it for us UwU

Now let’s get into the reason y’all REALLY should play this game

We have these heckin’ furries fighting an army of monkeys in space, and it’s the best. Fox is extremely sassy, spouting a couple one liners here or there, but mostly just trash talking the pretentious villains.

Falco is reckless, confident, and just overall independent. He’s basically the sassy and trash talking side of Fox, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox picked it up from him. He’s also one to get frustrated at the fact that people help him.

Peppy is the least interesting sadly. He’s the only member of the original star Fox and is a mentor, mostly resorting to giving tutorials in game and occasionally talking about how Fox is like his father. Just not much to dive into as a character.

…he’s aight

He’s not as bad as his reputation leads on, he’s just kinda there, he gives you the bosses shield meter, so he’s definitely the character you want alive the most. He is a bit reckless but mostly this is unexplored.  But there’s one character that rules over every character in terms of just furry hotness.

Wolf is literally god, when he isn’t kicking tail than he’s commanding the heart of every gay furry in existence…..including me.

Stray Thoughts

The N64 version is the definitive way to play. Current controllers have difficulties emulating the weird control stick of the N64 controller, making precise movement hard to get used to, but it’s still not game-breaking, if you get it on Virtual Console then you’re still in for a great time.

I haven’t touched the 3DS remake, from what I heard it’s good, although some of the portraits to me look way off. No comment on if its better or not.

Vs. Mode I’ve only played a little a couple years back. From what I remember it was fun enough, might play a couple rounds here or there just for some quick fun matches.

Final Score
I struggle finding anything about this game that had me frustrated or annoyed or bored. It constantly gave me an adrenaline of fun, fresh gameplay that anyone can enjoy.

How is the furry hotness?
It has daddy

Should you play this game
Yes, definitely, it’s fun, addictive, and I wanna play it all the time now
Please help

This gets a perfect 621 score from me UwU
Agree or no? Let me know by commenting!
You can also suggest games for me to cover in upcoming articles.
See y’all next Monday with a new review.

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