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So what do we have for today? Well we have a pretty unique comic. As the creator described it to me as “A Detective series set in a high-tech world of unicorns. The comic is safe for ages 10 and up and blends influences from My Little Pony, Batman and Lethal Weapon, among others.” You can pre-order your copy ahead of time at Rabbit Valley comic shop! Why not check it out and support our hard working furry comic?

What more can you ask for? Well more Furry comic updates for sure! Which you will find more below, along with a link to pre-order Firewake! you only have until the 17th to pre-order it! So move while supplies last!

Name of Comic: Firewake

Writer and Artist: Mc Bride-Wilson, Morales and McMushier

Link to Comic Pre-Orders!

Writer and Artist: Note: “DarkwingDork” and  “Cervelet”.

Patreon: Support their Patreon

Source: Link to the comic.

Name of Comic: Ambers No Brainers

Writer and Artist: Mancoin

Link to Comic

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